All Wheel Alignment


Cars require maintenance after driving any amount of time to perform well and last longer. If you've spent any amount of time driving your car, it will need regular maintenance like a wheel alignment. An all-wheel alignment performed at Straws Auto Center is the service where our factory-trained technicians measure how your wheels are orientated and adjust them to ensure they are within factory tolerance. This ensures that your vehicle performs efficiently and isn’t pulling to one side or the other, causing excessive wear on your vehicle or tires. Straws Auto Center uses precision equipment to restore your wheels to the proper alignment as well as the proper camber, which is the vertical angle of your wheels. Your vehicle needs an alignment to reduce the stress on the drivetrain and engine and to ensure that you're getting the best performance!


Air Conditioning Service


Maintaining the A/C in your vehicle with an air conditioning service is important to ensure that your vehicle’s air conditioner operates at peak performance. At Straws Auto Center. Straws Auto Center provides quality service by expert technicians. We use only the highest quality parts when maintaining and repairing your vehicle’s air-conditioning system to ensure the very best in quality and reliability. Over time your air conditioner may not perform to factory standards due to many factors that can impact the performance of the system. An air conditioning service at Straws Auto Center will check your refrigerant levels; hoses and other components for leaks; and ensure everything is in proper working order.


Battery Service


The battery is one of the most important components of your vehicle. Improperly maintained batteries can result in the inability to start your vehicle, leaving you stranded, or your vehicle may become sluggish when you start the engine. These are all indicators that the battery needs to be serviced or replaced. At Straws Auto Center, our certified service professionals can inspect and test your battery to determine whether it needs service or needs to be replaced.


Courtesy Vehicle Inspection


Here at Straws Auto Center, we provide a courtesy vehicle inspection. The inspection allows our expert technicians to look over and evaluate your vehicle to verify that it is operating properly. A vehicle inspection will also help identify potential maintenance requirements that may need to be addressed, ensuring that the vehicle performs well for you over time. Here at Straws Auto Center, we believe that it is our responsibility to keep owners informed about their vehicles and provide expert information to help you make informed decisions regarding your vehicle.


Battery, Starter, Ignition Service


Straws Auto Center battery, ignition, and starter service helps you maintain all these important working parts. Our certified technicians offer you professional service to repair your battery, ignition, and starter right the first time. The battery, ignition, and starter in your vehicle are key components of your vehicle's electrical system, affecting how well your vehicle starts. Our expert mechanics offer you the complete and professional battery, ignition, and starter diagnosis. We only use quality parts to provide you with the highest degree of reliability.


Brake Fluid Flush


From a vehicle safety perspective, brakes are arguably the most important safety feature. As such, your vehicle's brakes need to be always ready. At Straws Auto Center, your safety is important to us, and we want to help ensure that your vehicle's hydraulic brake system is well-maintained, so you can enjoy a safe drive. Over time, the special fluid that operates your brakes wears out and requires replacement. Our expert technicians are able to flush out the old brake fluid and replace it with new brake fluid that meets the high standards of all vehicle manufactures and the Department of Transportation.




If you notice that it is taking longer to stop or that you need to apply more pressure to stop, then it may be time to have your vehicle’s brake pads replaced. Brakes operate by applying pressure against the brake rotors to create friction to slow the vehicle. This results in wear both the brake pads and brake rotors over time and require replacement. If your brake pads wear down too much, it can result in damage to other braking components and put yourself at risk.


Brake System


Safety is critical and a great way to ensure you stay safe on the road is to keep your braking system well maintained. Our brake system service provides you the assurance that your brake system is operating correctly from general brake component upkeep and brake fluid flush to brake repair. In addition to the brake pads and rotors, brake lines and brake fluid require regular maintenance. Hydraulic braking fluid needs to be flushed regularly to keep it operating within standards and to keep the brake lines from clogging or breaking down.


Cabin Air Filter


Whenever you operate the air conditioning, heater or defroster, outside air all runs through the cabin air filter. The cabin air filter helps remove dust, allergens and fumes, trapping them in the cabin air filter, which can eventually clog your cabin air filter. A clogged cabin air filter can reduce the performance of everything from heat to A/C


Coolant System Service


A vehicle’s coolant system (also referred to as cooling system—not to be confused with the air conditioning system) helps maintain proper temperature levels for your vehicle’s engine and other components. Here at Straws Auto Center, we recommend maintenance for your coolant system at every intermediate or major service interval. As part of every coolant service, a thorough evaluation is performed to confirm that all cooling-system components are in proper working order. Our certified technicians will use only ANSI standard coolant, which offers you outstanding quality and reliability.


Electrical System


Straws Auto Center offers an electrical system service to ensure that your vehicle’s electrical system and electronics are maintained and in proper working order. Straws Auto Center offers quality service, and our technicians are certified and trained to diagnose and repair your vehicle’s electrical system components.


Engine Air Filter


Engine air filters help remove dust and other contaminants in the air to ensure your vehicle’s combustion operates as designed. Over time these filters can become clogged, resulting in decreased performance of your engine, which may impact gas mileage. Here at Straws Auto Center, we evaluate the condition of your engine air filter every time your car is serviced with us. We do this to determine whether it needs to be replaced or not, allowing us to keep you informed and armed with the information you need to make good maintenance decisions.


Exhaust System


Exhaust repair service helps maintain power in your vehicle, as well as monitoring the working order of all the exhaust components. Straws Auto Center technicians will provide you with quality service, using skilled techniques and modern equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle’s exhaust system. Regular maintenance with help your exhaust system operate at optimal performance, resulting in increased power and fuel efficiency from your vehicle.


Oil Change Service


At Straws Auto Center, it is our goal to help keep your vehicle in proper working order, allowing for extended usability. One of the most important factors in maintaining a vehicle and enabling extended operability of the vehicle is changing the oil at scheduled intervals. We understand the inconvenience this causes and do everything we can to help minimize the impact of taking that important time to maintain your vehicle. Our experienced technicians will drain out the used oil from your engine and replace it with new oil specific to your model. Of course, they will also replace the engine oil filter with a new one, and you will be back on the road without delay.


Each manufacturer designs their vehicles’ engines, determining for each which oil specifications are required. Here at Straws Auto Center, we will recommend the correct manufacturer-specified oil type. We provide the highest quality oil as well, ensuring your vehicle gets what it needs at an affordable price.


Power Steering Service


Most people don’t give the power steering system much thought until it becomes an issue, but it should be serviced periodically. Here at Straws Auto Center, our expert technicians and state-of-the-art service center can check and service the power steering fluid in your vehicle as needed to keep your steering system up and functioning as it should.


Tire Service and Rotation


We here at Straws Auto Center understand the cost of tires and how that can be a concern. It is our goal to help you get the most from every set of tires. This means properly maintaining the tires to ensure even wear for prolonged usability. We accomplish this by inspecting the tires and ensuring they are inflated to the proper pressure each time your vehicle is serviced here. Additionally, based on tire wear, we may recommend that your tires be rotated, balanced or aligned to help ensure proper wear and evenly distribute wear across all tires.


Transmission Fluid Service


One of the most critical requirements to keep your vehicle’s transmission operating properly is proper fluid maintenance. This requires regular transmission fluid services. Here at Straws, we only use the highest quality certified fluids matched to your vehicle’s specification requirements.


Transmission Service


Straws Auto Center provides a transmission maintenance service to maintain all the working components you need for smooth gear transitions. Straws Auto Center provides quality service, and our certified technicians will use the most updated techniques and equipment to repair your transmission. They will also use the highest quality parts. The transmission in your vehicle has a direct effect on driving performance. At Straws Auto Center, we recommend proper maintenance at each service interval to extend the life of your transmission. Additionally, we offer you professional diagnosis and repairs to avoid unwanted transmission costs.


Factory Recommended Maintenance


Each vehicle manufacturer provides a service maintenance schedule for their vehicles. Here at Straws Auto Center, we can provide the same high-quality services offered by the manufacturer dealers typically at a more affordable price. Vehicle maintenance is highly recommended to preserve the value of your investment and to help ensure prolonged usability of the vehicle.


Vehicle Accessories


Here at Straws Auto Center, our expert technicians can install after market and manufacturer accessories for you.


Used Vehicle Purchase Pre-Inspection


Buying a used vehicle may seem like a gamble at times, but here at Straws Auto Center, we offer a used-vehicle inspection service. We will evaluate the mechanical operation of the vehicle to help answer the question you may have prior to making the purchase.


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